The National Parks Arts Foundation is the first non-profit foundation to set such high standards at our national parks for curators of museum quality exhibitions and art works loaned from museums, galleries, and to make accessible our National Park Archives. The NPAF, in conjunction with museums and private collections, intends to procure, safeguard, re-visit and exhibit a wide variety of fine art for the enjoyment of the parkgoing visitors. 

NPAF will curate -- with the National Parks and their concessionaires -- art exhibitions appropriate to the park's themes. By drawing inspiration from the park's surroundings, we will set up and contexualize our exhibits for maximum public resonance. Whether ethnographic, historical or purely inspirational, NPAF curates and chooses pieces fit for museum level exhibit, within the budget and time allotted.

Each exhibit run may take place on a 6-12 month rotation, and may be maintained by staff onsite, with the NPAF curating each exhibit in conjunction with the NPS and/or the concessionaire of the park.



National Parks Arts Foundation

N a t i o n a l   P a r k S   A r t s   F o u n d a t i o n

" A Non-Profit Foundation offering Artist in Residence Programs, Museum In-Loan Programs, and Workshops

inspired by our National Parks, National Monuments, World Heritage Sites and other parks "

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