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Dry Tortugas National Park

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Terms and Conditions


An island almost to yourself!


On March 30th, 2020 an artist couple or artist duo will be selected to work in Dry Tortugas National Park for a one month term in September 2020. THIS RESIDENCY IS FOR 2 PERSONS TOGETHER. The artists-in-residence will be granted lodging, and a venue for at least one public workshop, lecture or concert and the possibility of an arts donation. All artists pairs are encouraged to apply, as the Dry Tortugas National Park Artist-in-Residence program at Loggerhead Key is designed for all artists to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape and rich history of Dry Tortugas National Park. The prospective candidate must present a cohesive body of work, a complete application including their resume, biography and proposal of their residency project and how it reflects and may be inspired park resources. All candidates must have merit and/or experience in at least one of the following areas: poetry, screenplay writing,two dimensional artwork, sculpture, music, linguistics, writing, performance art, film, and/or ethnographic fine art, or any other appropriate artist medium.


NPAF in partnership with Dry Tortugas National Park will provide lodging. The artist(s) will not have exclusive use of the assigned quarters and may have to share the common areas within the assigned housing unit. The artist(s) will have an assigned bedroom with a queen-sized bed and have exclusive use of the bedroom. Housing is equipped with air-conditioning. The artist(s) must assist with custodial duties in their assigned housing. No custodial services will be provided. Occasional interruptions in housing climate controls should be expected as they are solar powered. There is no available housing for dependents or pets. A venue for workshop(s) and/or lecture(s) to the chosen candidate(s) will also be provided. There is no designated studio space, therefore selected artist(s) will have to be able to work in the pleinair tradition or by other means that do not require a designated studio space. If resources are available, in park transportation and stipend may also be provided. The artist(s) may have the opportunity to present lectures and workshops, exhibit their art and may donate art inspired by their stay in the park.


The selected artist(s) will be prepared to encounter up to 24 park visitors per day. Park visitors are only allowed during the day. No overnight visitation is permitted at Loggerhead Key. Loggerhead Key is also within the park’s Research Natural area and as such, the artist may encounter park or partner researchers on a routine basis. In addition, the artist(s) must be prepared to encounter and, if able, assist with National Park Service response to landings on Loggerhead Key by Cuban migrants.

For ease of coordination and communication with the Park Service, Artist couples must schedule their arrival between 10-3 on federal work days, and must have their own transportation to Fort Jefferson, and be responsible for any stay on Key West in the days prior or after the residency.


The Loggerhead Key lighthouse is currently administratively closed for safety reasons. Other facilities on Loggerhead Key may be closed while the artist is in residence. In addition, the beaches of Loggerhead Key are designated habitat for sea turtles. Sea turtle nesting season begins in April and ends in October. Sea Turtle nesting presents some limitations on the open use of beaches. Coordination with the onsite sea turtle monitoring specialist is required for access and use of beaches. All natural and cultural resources, and facilities, within the park are protected and may not be physically altered or used as a medium. The artist(s) are responsible for the disposal of all art supplies and materials brought to the park. Pack it in, pack it out.


Dry Tortugas National Park is particularly vulnerable to tropical cyclones because of its low-lying island and remote location. The artist(s) must be prepared to evacuate from Loggerhead Key to Key West in accordance with the Everglades and Dry Tortugas National Parks Hurricane Plan and as ordered
by the Park Manager or Operation Section Chief for the park incident management team. The artist(s) will be provided a copy of the Hurricane Plan and is expected to read and understand the information presented.


The management of Dry Tortugas National Park reserves the right to require the Artist-in-Residence to leave the park if the artist violates park regulations or demonstrates behavior not consistent with departmental code of conduct. The management of Dry Tortugas National Park will first seek corrective action with artist(s) and the National Park Arts Foundation prior to asking the Artist-in-Residence to leave the park and terminate residency.


A pre-residency site visit to Loggerhead Key by the selected artist(s) is recommended, but not required to ensure the artist(s) understands the conditions under which they will reside. The artist(s) will be notified and prepared to work and live in harsh environmental conditions, which may include lightning and thunderstorms, uneven surfaces, trip hazards, fall hazards, biting insects, prickly vegetation, biting and stinging marine life, intense sun exposure and hot humid conditions.


Upon artist arrival, NPS will conduct an introduction for the artist to fuller appreciate park resources. Each AiR participant will be required to adhere to the Superintendent’s Compendium for Use and all other rules and regulations as to protect the fragile environment in the park and that of the flora and fauna including avoiding trampling of sea turtles and their eggs. Additionally, the selected artist may have the opportunity to go with the NPS biology technician to study the endangered Tortugas in their natural habitat, and accompany NPS staff/SCA or other park sanctioned personell, in other outings within the scope of resource considerations, Park regulations and Superintendent’s Compendium. Further, each participant may be able to discuss with park staff the diversity of park resources, themes and historic culture of the park. This educational process may be inclusive of advice and recommendations of cultural advisors and/or NPS staff. This process is necessary in order to maintain the high integrity of the NPS and NPAF missions and to honor Dry Tortugas National Park and its rich and fragile ecosystems and historic cultural resources.


There are laundry facilities on Loggerhead Key but the resident is required to adhere to a per day water restriction and is discoraged to bring glass onto the Key as glass is a “pack-in, pack, out” rule for any one to Loggerhead Key. Artist(s) must be willing and able to learn how to operate the reverse osmosis water maker and photovoltaic electrical generating system.


Artist(s) need to provide their own insurance, transportation, art supplies, equipment and personal items. There is no telephone/no internet, no wifi or cell phone and little power. It is advised that the AIR participant have a satellite phone, but it is not required. The artist(s) must be able to with stand a harsh environment in an island paradise. The artist(s) will be able to travel to Key West for provisions only periodically and at the artist(s) own expense (round trip on boat may be $170 or more). The artist(s) may be able to travel administratively or with the concessionare at the NPS established policy rate. Due to the possible harsh environment and limited inter-island travel, the artist(s) are advised to be sure to have plenty of supplies to last for their entire stay. This is a VERY ISOLATED LOCATION.


Artists may present, at minimum, one, one-hour public program, workshop, concert or lecture during their residency at Dry Tortugas National Park, this can be presented either in the park or another venue as deemed by NPAF and NPS. Artists must provide their own supplies and equipment for these presentations. We also encourage artists to give more public presentations at the park and in their own community about their residency experience in Dry Tortugas National Park, to further broaden the reach of the program’s purpose and the goals of the NPS and NPS Centennial Objectives.


Artists need to provide their own proof-of-insurance for permits, art supplies, equipment, personal items and themselves. Artists should be self-sufficient, independent and enjoy working in an isolated environment and able to commit to the full Artist-in-Residence (AiR) term. The AiR artist must remain accommodating to inquiring park visitors, park employees, concessionaires and those they encounter during their stay. The artist must comply with all park regulations and policies governing park employees, volunteers and visitors. A satellite phone is recommended.


A background check may be required because of unrestricted access to public and non-public locations in the park, working with park experts and the public. Insurance (health, accidental and insurance to cover all art, supplies, personal items) is required and the sole responsibility of the artist(s) as any and all insurance will not be provided by NPAF or the NPS or concessionaires. Proof of all insurance, including health and liability will be required at acceptance. Artist(s) should be self-sufficient, independent and enjoy working in an isolated environment and able to commit to the full AiR term.


The participating artists may donate an original piece of work inspired by their residency in Dry Tortugas National Park to the NPS through the NPAF. Donated work must be received no later than a year after the artist’s residency. Artists are required to provide copyright of donated artwork to NPAF. Acceptance of donation may be subject to federal laws, specifically federally funding laws and requirements.



We have hosted a number of international artists successfully in the past. We encourage you to apply. However, depending on the visa that is required of you for your stay by the relevant federal agency, NPAF may not be allowed under U.S. law to convey donated, travel, or other funds to you before the residency. We may be able to reimburse you up to the total amount (if any) stated in the park application. NOT ALL residencies have funds for residents. So if this is crucial, please check with us and with the U.S. embassy/consulate in your country.

Admission to the residency program will take place once yearly, and is open to people from all countries. All prospective candidates from outside of the United States must ensure their own proper documentation as it pertains to travel within and to the United States.


Only selected artists will be contacted. It is the artists' own initiative to check the status of their proposal submission through accessing their proposal submission through the URL for which they applied. At request, through the URL, we will allow edits and additions up to ten days before deadline.


The artist(s)-in-residence program may be canceled or interrupted due to a government shutdown, artist non participation, or during any hazardous weather conditions, including, but not limited to, fire danger, environmental concerns, or any unforeseen circumstances, natural or otherwise, to which NPAF and any affiliates will NOT be held accountable or responsible, no refunds will be issued.


NPAF is NOT responsible for and will not return any application donation fees, contributions, monies spent, monies owed or any funding if there is a natural occurrence, or any thing that interrupts, changes, delays or cancels the program in any way. NPAF cannot guarantee or be held responsible for AIR interruptions, non acceptance of AIR program, artists, artwork or cancelations or delays because of Government decisions or natural causes. The accepted artist will owe any funds spent or owed by/to NPS or NPAF as it pertains to the program if they (the artist(s)) cancels, delays or changes any part of the program. If the AiR program is terminated or interrupted, the artist(s) in residence may be directed to relocate from the park or hazardous area. The remainder residency term may be made up at a later date at the discretion of the NPS and NPAF.


All insurance is required of the selected artist(s) including automobile, health, accidental and insurance to cover all art, supplies, personal items and is the sole responsibility of the artist as any and all insurance will not be provided by NPAF or the NPS or NPS concessionaires or park Friends groups. Proof of insurances must be provided. Artist(s) will be responsible for all costs affiliated with the program if they are the selected artists(s) to the program, and then cancel, change or delay the program in any way, prior, during or post the residency term. Fees are donations/contributions and on par with NPS comparable fees, to contribute a higher or unpublished amount, contact NPAF. Applicants grant use of any and all pieces of their submitted application proposal materials to further the purpose of the program (and/or promoting the selected artist(s)) through television, radio, interviews, magazines, books, internet, newspapers, grants or endowment applications, presentations and any and all media.


Any terms herein may change without notice and are subject to the approval of the NPS and/or NPAF, or any governing entity. All AiR participants may be required to accept further conditions and contracts including but not limited to; Back-ground checks, codes of conduct, Gift and/or donation agreements, images releases for their person and/or artwork, codes of conduct, special use permits, rules and regulations, housing agreements, volunteer in the parks contracts, J-1 visa application and acceptance (for international artists) and any other apparent and unforeseen agreements required of any governing entity, namely the NPS, NPAF and/or NPS concessionaires, and all pertaining laws. All funding and acceptance to programs are subject to U.S and international laws. Any terms herein may change without notice and are subject to the approval of the NPS and/or NPAF or any lawful governing entity.

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